Healthcare tour to Turkey

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Healthcare Tour is based in Istanbul, Turkey. Healthcare Tour is an operation tour which offers high quality medical services to health tourists from all over the world. Furthermore hospitality, trustworthiness and humanity are the cornerstones of the company. Our experience in health sector will give you confidence in high quality and affordable price. Our aim is to provide world-class medical treatment at affordable prices to our customers.

The countries in the world recognize Turkey as a healthy environment and a rising medical tourism center. Turkey presents quality and inexpensive tourism programs to the health tourist, combining medical and thermal tourism springs with spa and wellness centers and 5-starred hotels.

Don’t Go Far Away For Your Health
Turkey, that has a strategic geographical position between Asia, Europe and Middle East, is a confluence between two continents. One can easily reach Turkey by plane, from many countries and in a short period of time. Turkey combined its hospitality tradition that going far back with medical tourism services. From the moment the health tourist sets foot to Turkey until going back home, he is welcomed with any kind of service he’ll might need, by medical staff and persons in charge.

Hospitals’ Quality Has Been Approved
The health tourist can benefit from medical services in Turkey both in quality and economy. As for the medical services there are not compromises made in quality. The quality of medical services in Turkey has been approved by international institutions like JCI (Joint Comissions International), JCAOH (Joint Comission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations) and ISO (International Organization for Standardization). With forty seven hospitals accredited by JCI, Turkey ranks second in the world.

You Won’t Have Communication Problems
Turkey has very well trained manpower in the medical sector. There will not be communication problems as doctors and staff can speak foreign languages. The health tourist can easily receive answers to any question. Besides that, before and after the operation, either doctors or nurses will inform the health tourist about everyting and will give him/her moral support.

Your Health Is In Good Hands
In Turkey one gives maximum importance to patients’rights and security. Therefore, there are almost no processes opened on account of malpractice. The health tourist coming to Turkey as a guest is safe.