Food Delivery

There are many food delivery services in Kiev. Virtual Nomads selected a few of them, who might speak English with you when you call them. They all have English menues and some of them even make a tasty food!


There are lots of amazing places to have a meal in Kiev. We made a list of restaurants that we know. Most of them speak English, have a good food, nice service and each of them is special in their own way. So, take a look at the list we created for you.

Well, you got hungry and want something to eat in Kiev?

There are many ways you can satisfy this need... For example, you can go to a restaurant that is nearby your apartment. But what if you have MANY of them around you? How to choose a restaurant in Kiev in this case? We would suggest to use our list.

Also, you can just arrange a food delivery for yourself. In this case you probably would be interested in English-speaking food delivery service. The list of verified pizza and sushi delivery services that you see above might be helpful, because they all at least have an English menu on their website.