Feofania Excursion in Kiev

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Feofania is a wonderful place almost outside Kiev. Many people will say that the key sightseeing there is the well-known Orthodox nunnery with a huge cathedral designed in usual Ukrainian way. But we would recommend our nomads to go there just to spend a nice time and even the whole day!
Our guides love to be a part of this excursion, because except telling you all the interesting facts about the place – they have a possibility to breathe a fresh air, walk around a gorgeous parking area and enjoy the wonderful view to the Hotiv village from the hill. Feofaniya is considered a very romantic place. Probably because of that many couples do their wedding photo sessions there.
Regarding interesting fact: well, there is a scientific confirmation that it used to be a place, where people were living back in 5th century B.C. And, believe it or not, but this was also a place, where the first Soviet computer was created!
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Excursion around Kiev Pechersk Lavra

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During this excursion you will visit one of the most ancient and saint places in Ukraine – the National Kiev-Pechersk Cave Monastery.
This place is 10 centuries old! You will hardly find any other monastery in the whole Eastern Slavic part of the world that is more ancient then this one! You will feel the deep history of the place as soon as you enter the territory of the museum.
One of the most thrilling and interesting places there – is the caves! Back in 11th century A.D. Kiev Pechersk Lavra was started from a small cave, dug by one monk. Today, there are many of them around the area. Some of them are secret ones and probably just few people or even nobody can visit them… But there are 2 big caves which we can show you there!
For religious tourists this place is one of the “must-see” sightseeings.

Taste the real Ukraine in Pirogovo

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Pirogovo museum is one of those few places that can give a decent impression of Ukrainian culture in just one day. When you walk around Kiev – you see a modern international city, but how did Ukraine look a few centuries ago? What was the architecture? How did people dress? How did people cook their traditional meals and what did they use at their everyday life? Going to Pirogovo is like ridding a Ukrainian time-machine for a few hours!

This museum has a huge territory for you to explore (over 370 acres). The objects, buildings, churches and museums there represent our history and traditions for the last 4 centuries.

Kiev Walking Tours

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Kiev center is a wonderful place to walk around. “You through a rock and you hit something beautiful” – that’s about our city! There are at least a few different directions you could choose for your walking excursion with our private guide.

Historical route

This route is a good fit for those, who prefers not just to see a sightseeing, but also to know the story behind it. If you are interested in history of our ancient city – you will enjoy this walking route with our guide:

Starting from St. Vladimir’s Cathedral, then seeing Shevchenko University, National Opera of Ukraine, Golden Gates, Former KGB Headquarters in Ukraine, St. Sofia Cathedral, St. Michal Golden Domes cathedral, the oldest street in Kiev – St. Andrew street and beautiful sightseeings of Podol.

Panoramas route

This type of walk is for those, who prefers to see beautiful panoramas of a huge city like Kiev. There are many places here, which will take your breath away. Some views are really outstanding! We chose the best ones, so you can fully enjoy all of them!

Night Kiev route

The night Kiev could be beautiful in different ways: it could be panoramas or some fantabulous buildings with creative illuminations.

The route starts near Mariinskiy Palace (the place, where most important foreign guests are hosted in Kiev) then moves to the People’s Friendship Arch. Afterwards you will see the central square Maydan Nezalezhnosty from an amazing angle. Then we will move to Mikhailovskaya square and go down to the river using funicular.

Key Sightseeings of the Old Kiev

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During this excursion you will see all key ancient sightseeings in Kiev. Kiev exists since 484 A.D. Just try to imagine how many different events had happened to people through all these years. There tens if not hundreds of historical remnants around Kiev that are connected with different times and rulers of Kiev Rus.

At this excursion we offer you to see and experience 10 most interesting and famous parts of the ancient Kiev:

St. Vladimir’s Cathedral - built to the honor of Volodimir the Great, the baptizer of Kiev Rus. Can you imagine just one day when thousands of people were made to change their religion?

Shevchenko National University - a red brick building named in honor of greatest Ukrainian poet Taras Shevchenko. Have you ever seen a huge red University building?

Taras Shevchenko National Opera of Ukraine - a very beautiful building, where you still can visit an opera and maybe even take one of those places where Russian Prime Minister Stolypin got killed back in 1911…

Golden Gates - an ancient part of fortifications of Kiev. But why are they called “golden”? Of course, they are not made of gold, but there is a reason for such a fancy and wealthy name to this monument.

Former KGB Headquarters in Ukraine - the place where the hopes of millions of people died through the post Soviet Union times… Of course we won’t get inside, because nowadays State Security Service of Ukraine occupies it as an office.

St. Sofia Cathedral - one of the most beautiful churches you could find in Ukraine. And it’s also one of those very few churches that survived though USSR history… Who do you think stopped Stalin from destroying it?

Monuments of different Ukrainian leaders - Hetman Sagaydachniy, princess Olga and others. All of them brought some interesting and sophisticated victories to our countries.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and St. Michal Golden Domes cathedral - the cathedral is built on a really saint place. The USSR history proved it. The plan was to destroy the church and build one more office for the Ministry. But there are places, which you can’t destroy… St. Michal Golden Domes cathedral is one of them.

St. Andrew church and St. Andrew street - this is the most ancient place in Kiev! The oldest street of the city is really a nice place with a very beautiful and old buildings along it.

The excursion will be finished on Podol - also a very nice area, where Kiev citizens like to walk and spend their leisure. Since it’s an area, where you hit a restaurant every 15 meters – usually people end up in a restaurant with the Ukrainian cuisine.

There are also quite a few sightseeings around Podol, so if we have time and you are still full of energy and curiosity our guides can extend the excursion.

If it is a good weather – it’s better to walk through these sightseeings on foot. But if you don’t want a few kilometers walk or if it is raining then probably a hired car will be a good addition to this excursion.