There is a huge variety of excursions that you can take in Kiev. This list of fun excursions includes the type of activies that have something unique. These excursions differes from regular sightseeings observations.


Kiev - is a very old and ancient city! There are lots of wonderful sightseeings in this place, which every tourist should see. We selected the routes in the way, so you see as many interesting historical parts of Kiev as possible.


When the night comes to Kiev - this city turns into a place, full of fascinating adventures! We believe, that when you visit a few places from the list we created for you - you will end up having lots of amazing and great memories!

Spa and wellness

SPA saloons - is an amazing place to have rest and relax. There are many o them in Kiev, but you need only those, who can offer a good level of service and who speaks English, right? Then, you might find useful the SPA list we developed for your attention.

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There are LOTS of fun activities you can have in Kiev. We suggest you to take a look at the lists we created for you above.